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Re: thank you, Karl!

Leica should not be used to take pictures of refrigarators.
They do not show the real "Leica quality".
You must go on the streets and wait for the "Decisive Moment".
It is best to find the place beforehand, a spot known for "Moments".

Something like a busy intersection where accidents happen, or a sidewalk with a puddle that all pedestrians must jump over...Stay there and prepare you camera.

(Leica M9P is particularly good for that because it lacks the Red Dot, which has been known to detract subjects and spoil many a HCB style picture. Before M9P we had to paint the Red Dot over or cover it with black electrician's tape).

Focus on the spot where the Moment will take place and set your shutter/aperture.

Wait. When the cars collide (or almost) or people fall into the puddle (or are about to)-- shoot. You got it, the Decisive Moment Photograph HCB style. A perfect inauguration shot for your M9P.

Better yet use another M9P to shoot the first M9P taking the picture (use a long release cable for that). This is called First Double Moment First Shot (Fidomofis) and is particularly cherished among the Leicaisti.
Welcome to the club, lad.

noneyabidnis wrote:

I was a bit nervous that it would be tough trying to make new friends in this forum when I officially start posting here after my Leica arrives in the mail, but your introduction is much appreciated. At the end of the day, it's about action and not distraction, am I right?

I am so excited about getting my new Lecia. I'm still wondering what my first photo should be of. I think it might be neat do get a photograph of the inside of my refrigderator. I could do a picture today with my D700, and then a picture with my Lecia, and it would be like a metaphor of my transition to a new camera. Plus, it would help me determine if my new Leica has banding issues so it would be like filling two birds with one stone.
I am the M&M of taking pictures.

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