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Re: For those bird shots... PerH should use -EV.

to get better results.

Assume PerH did not crop those pictures. We can see that when the bird(s) occupied small areas and mud areas are darker, the birds are more seriously over-exposured.

Two extreme cases here. In picture #S0400222, the bird occupies larger area and the background color is relatively lighter, thus the over-exposure is not that serious, - 2/3ev to -1 ev will make the bird better exposured.

For picture #S0410227, the 2 birds occupy little area and the background color is relatively darker. PerH needs to dial in more -ev than above picture or zoom in to reduce the darker area in the picture.

A white bird picture captured by my Panasonic FZ5. The sea water is not too dark and the bird occupies a substantial portion of the picture area, so I only use a -1/3ev to get this picture. Matrix Metering mode was used if I remember right.

PerH should spend more time with his new camera, it will take at least several days to get familiar with a new camera, to understand its characters, which may be radically different from his earlier cameras.

BTW, EXR based cameras can be easy to use, just set M Size, Auto DR. 90+% of the time EXR cameras make the right choices of DR, at least this is what I experienced when using F200exr and F300exr.

DS21 wrote:

danny_only wrote:

DS21 wrote:

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Use spot-metering. Play with EV and DR settings.

It is not a toy camera so learn before you whine.

PerH wrote:

Now I finally got my X-s1. Today we had a very nice spring weather here in Sweden.

Therefore it was very fun to test the new camera. Unfortunately, it was extremely disapointing. The camera over expousure in all images. It does not help that minus exposure to compensate for bird photography, for example. Then, the entire image too dark. It also suffer from purple fringing. I do not think the camera to be fully developed by Fuji. Very bad of Fuji on such an expensive model to be called their "flagship"

I take much better pictures with my 7 year old Pana FZ30 or my Fuji HS10. I will return the camera if they can not quickly find a solution for the problem. Excuse poor English.


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For $800 dollars this camera should be able to take decent pictures in auto mode. Why mess up the auto modes on the camera to make it a "photographers camera", what that has to do with PASM modes, etc, do they stop working properly on a "photographers camera" if auto mode is designed properly?

Those white bird over mud shots need -ve exposure compensation, regardless of brands of cameras, I have 3 long zoom Panasonic cameras (FZ1, FZ5 and TZ3), I will use -ve exposure compensation in his case, especially when Pattern Metering is used and the bird is occuping a small area of the pictures with relative dark background (same as PerH used when capturing those bird shots). Experienced photographers will dial in some -ve exposure compensation when capturing similar screen, especially when using pattern metering and Auto Mode.

It's a valid argument, but on some of these shots the bird is quite large compared to the background, and the overexposure is just the same. I think the camera simply meters too hot, especially compared to the cameras OP used before, and that is the basis of his disappointment. Also, used in default 12 Mp mode, x-s1 has extremely poor highlight control, and OP's attempts to compensate with -EV did not work for that reason, drop EV enough to save highlights, and the rest of the scene goes into dark. Note to Fuji: if the camera does not work all that well in 12 Mp mode, don't make it a default, or don't make it at all. Or, make a disclaimer that the camera is mostly for RAW shooters, with a steep learning curve to understand the EXR tricks.

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