Fuji X-S1 extremely disapointing

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Re: Fuji X-S1 extremely disappointing - practise harder!

Timur Born wrote:

Actually JPGs can offer about 2.5 EV of unclipped highlight information when using DR 400, too. It may differ with ISO (only checked with HR DR at higher ISO yes).

Hardly correct or accurate information, since the 2.7EV of RAW is compressed into around 1.5EV of JPEG. That results in clipped and compressed highlights, such as cloud detail missing its detail in JPEG when the equivalent RAW has full details.

The difference between the two is very obvious.

Maybe you should have looked at the high contrast images I posted several months ago on the railway station platform? I think it was all shown clearly there. Would you like a link?

To get unclipped, uncompressed JPEG highlights that are not "blown" in any way, you need to always use -ve EV compensation for a high contrast scene. The examples shown by the OP fit in that category.

If I use RAW+ with DR400 in M size I never need to adjust EV compensation from 0 on a high contrast scene, using Average metering. The matching, OOC JPEG will be clipped and compressed, though.

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