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Re: Four Years...

Nikon stated that they began developing the Nikon 1 FOUR years ago. I would have expected to see at least ONE fast prime being offered and, no, I do not consider the 10/2.8 FAST. Perhaps, I'm asking too much? It's not like Nikon doesn't have the know-how to make excellent lenses. IMHO, Nikon is testing the waters with the Nikon 1 before putting in any more effort into higher end products and this tells me they are not THAT serious. They ARE behind in the mirrorless segment, I would have thought they would be offering more appealing products, especially in the lens department. Look at the initial lens offering from Fuji for their Pro X 1 as well as Pentax with their Q. Cheers. -Norm

DE: And this development began well before the Micro Four Thirds was announced.

Bruce McL wrote:

TEBnewyork wrote:

I think you are mixing up micro 4/3 with 4/3.

No, I am not.

The best comparison is to micro 4/3's. New mount and new fully live view tech - so new sensors. First camera was the Panasonic G1 in Sept 2008. In the three year period...

Micro 4/3 may be a better comparison. I would not call three years of micro 4/3 to six months of Nikon a good comparison.

It took 1 year and one month for both companies to have at least two micro 4/3 cameras out, according to Wikipedia. Nikon had two cameras out the first day.

On launch day for micro 4/3, there were two lenses available. It took six months for the next two lenses. Nikon had 4 lenses available well before that.

So far I think Nikon is doing OK. There were complaints about lack of lenses when both 4/3 and micro 4.3 started as well. From what I can see on dpreview, the time from 0.5 to 1.5 years is when micro 4/3 lenses, and cameras, started to flourish.

Nikon has a lot of catching up to do with either company individually...

If you expect Nikon to do in six months what has taken Panasonic and Olympus three years to do, then yes, Nikon is behind.

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