Do the x10 complainers actually own the camera?

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Re: Do the x10 complainers actually own the camera?

absentaneous wrote:

FujicaMan wrote:

Firstly the op wasn't "telling others to learn how to shoot" please re-read.

first of all make sure you are really as smart as you want to appear because I was referring to his other thread when he stated: "The x10 is a real camera -- learn to shoot." so, he was basically claiming the orbs problem due to some people not knowing how to shoot. so, next time ask what I meant before you jump to conclusions.

Secondly the I'd check the picture the picture in your gallery before being the critic of others, your snap is a) boring b) gainy

secondly I wasn't criticizing the content of his image (like the subject matter etc.) but the technical aspects of his composition. if you can't make a distinction between these two things then try to avoid appearing as someone who still needs to learn basic things at least. now, if you can find any flaws, mistakes regarding my photos as far as composition is concerned then I'll be happy to hear about them but as far as subject matter is concerned that's a pretty much a subjective thing so keep it for yourself. that's why people take pictures of different things, obviously. you might find a picture of a booby girl as an ultimate expression of art but that doesn't mean everyone is going to follow you. so, you might not like what I take pictures of as I might not like what you take pictures of but something being a good or bad composition is not as arbitrary as something being an interesting subject or not. so, stop making an idiot out of yourself by mixing things all together.

If you think I'm going to going though all the threads of the OP just to check your rebuff out you're in cloud cuckoo land, best use quotes in future to make you post more relevant.

Top Tip: Before you start criticising others, regardless of why you criticising, be wary of the adage that "people in green houses shouldn't throw stones", either that or change you gallery picture.

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