Pany 7-14 or Oly 12/2? Views please

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Re: Pany 7-14 or Oly 12/2? Views please

I have both and just coming back from a trip to Columbia where I only brought the 12mm. The 12mm has great advantage in some low light situations. F2 vs F4 can really make a difference. However, there were a number of times, I could have used the wider focal length. A lot of buildings and churches -- would have been better to have wider frames. If I only bring one I usually bring the 7-14mm but I was a bit concerned about carrying too many lenses with me in Bogota and looking too much of a target.

In terms of image quality, the 7-14 is outstanding and there is not a whole lot of difference and in fact sometimes if i look hard enough I think the 7-14mm is even better in terms of sharpness and detail. Sometimes i get some flare with the 7-14 but never in a place where I directly compared with the 12mm. If I only were to pick one-- the 7-14mm no question.

To clarify I brought the 12mm, 20mm pancake and 14-140mm. I usually bring the 45mm macro and 7-14mm and depending on where i am going the 100-300

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