Do the x10 complainers actually own the camera?

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Re: Do the x10 complainers actually own the camera?

nakeddork wrote:

That's silly...

You might have an argument if I was taking a landscape shot, but clearly the main subject wasn't the ocean.

I composed and framed for the girl.

this further shows you still have room for improvement. it's a typical beginner's mistake to simply ignore the background of the main subject. a seasoned photographer will always see the image as a whole not just the main subject and that's for a reason. because it pretty much depends on how does one treat the background when it comes to making the main subject appear as effective as possible. for this reason for example we may blur out the background or of course choose a background that is as not distracting as possible etc. it's really silly to say that you don't need to follow rules of composition simply because it's about the background and not the main subject as if that wasn't part of the picture. of course the rules can be broken as well but one does that for a reason when he/she wants to achieve a certain effect with it. since this wasn't the case with you the result of your image can be only attributed to or you being too lazy or careless or simply lacking knowledge of how an effective image should look like. but to finally debunk your argument I will just use an example:

now, seriously, does the main subject appear any less effective by aligning the horizon properly? of course not. not at all. does the image as a whole look more effective in the fixed version? definitely it does. so, the point is that by aligning the horizon properly you could only gain on quality of the image and not lose anything.

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