Nikon D700 will drop to $2199.95 in the US

Started Feb 25, 2012 | Discussions thread
reginalddwight Senior Member • Posts: 2,003
Buyers' market for D700

NR's report last Friday of the imminent $500 price drop of the D700 MSRP has been supported by Thom Hogan's statement of the same on his blog the following day.

I noticed that the buy back price of used D700 bodies from both KEH and B&H have dropped as well. Last week at B&H, a D700 that is like new with all accessories could have commanded $1725, but now it has dropped to $1665. Prices of used D700 bodies on eBay and craigslist have taken a similar toll.

For those sitting on the fence waiting to purchase a D700, the next several weeks to months are wonderful times for you.

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