Canon S100 or Fujifilm X10?

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S100 for me

I considered the same cams for a while. Eventually went for the S100 because it's truly pocketable and has great high-ISO performance (just a bit better than the X10). I guess, however, that the X10 is more fun to shoot with because of the external controls, the viewfinder, etc. What held me back in choosing this cam is the iffy Fujifilm customer service (if I may believe certain user comments), the not so great interface (menu structure etc.), and eventually the orb issue. As for the latter: I don't think the orbs would affect my type of photography a lot, but the idea that it may very well be a hardware issue eventually put me off. I will definitely consider an X20 if this issue is resolved...

With regard to DOF, came across this portrait on Flickr:

Can hardly believe that the photo was taken with an X10. Background blur is hard to judge because there's not much in the background, but look at the clothing and hair. The maker must have either taken this photo very close to the subject or used a few tricks during PP... The result is great.

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