wildlife-- 400 f2.8 with TC or 600 f4?

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Re: wildlife-- 400 f2.8 with TC or 600 f4?

A 400f2.8 with TC or 600mm?

I shoot with a 400VR and my birding friend use a 600VR (and yet another with the 500VR).

In general the consensus is:
TC makes bokeh worse, subject isolation is not really an issue with long teles.
400VR takes on TC's very well sharpness and AF-wise.

600VR does not take TC's very well, neither sharpness or AF-wise, stick to the TC14 at the most.
500VR takes TC's very well, except for the loss of light and AF-speed.

For me the handling of the much shorter 400VR makes it easy to handle within a car and handheld, which the 600VR is not so good at due to the length.

The reason I use the 400VR is just because there are never any 600VR up for sale used, and I can't afford a new one.

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