Do the x10 complainers actually own the camera?

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Re: Sigma SD14>>SD15 is like X10>>X11

Tom Schum wrote:

AdamT wrote:

  • the Sigma SD14 never got fixed because the Purchase Defenders (which are far worse than fanboys or trolls) battered anyone who said a bad word about the badly designed Piece of garbage..

Actually the Sigma SD14 DID get fixed. The fix is called the SD15, and if you check the Sigma forum you will be able to see that the SD15 is regarded as the fix for the SD14. I have a SD15 and I agree with the Sigma forum (everything works!). Never owned a SD14 though. Apparently there were many problems with the SD14, and some of them were so deep that firmware could not fix them.

In terms of the Fuji X10, we might be able to expect the fixed X10 to be a X11 or something like that. Meanwhile on the Sigma forum we still see quite a few photos taken by SD14s, since the camera works well when carefully handled. In many ways this is a completely valid parallel for the X10!

Thanks Tom.

It seems that a little knowledge still is dangerous for the uninformed.

It's great that you have just a little more knowledge for us to be accurately informed!

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