Steadicam for the D800 video

Started Feb 26, 2012 | Discussions thread
Emanuele Chiocchio Regular Member • Posts: 431
Re: Sturdycam

I would suggest to look for the Sturdycam. Here you can see a video made with it using a Canon 7D, but we've tested it w/ a 5DMkII too with great results. A nikon D800 is more or less the same regarding body size/weight. Having a Merlin myself, I'd suggest to use it with smaller bodies like the GH2 because with bigger bodies like the D800/5D it's at its limits. For bigger bodies, when I want/need the vest, I use a Steadicam Pilot, a great rig. If you plan to use your D800 on a stabilized system without vest, look for the Sturdycam, very cost-effective solution.

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