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Re: OM-D Tracking AF

Condor wrote:

453C wrote:

Bob Meyer wrote:

Yes, but that's not a real tough test. The car wasn't moving very fast, and after the first couple of photos it was moving largely sideways across the field of view.

It's a big target, too. It's nice to see someone showing a sample of the camera's C-AF, but it didn't take my breath away.

Show me a shot of someone running a 100 meter dash, straight at the camera. That will tell us more.

Funny, that's exactly what I'm going to have a friend do when I try one out at the camera shop.

I'm not an expert on C-AF/Tracking technology testing, but why a shot series of someone running strait at the camera, meaning probably tripode (no IS testing) and meaning checking AF in just one single and permament point of the complete sensor area?

Wouldn't it be better the handheld (IS active) C-AF/Tracking of birds in flight (BIF), whit their unpredictable paterns, erratic velocities and changing shapes?

Simple. My camera shop isn't located near an aviary or playground, but there is a nice, long sidewalk outside. Also, having the subject run towards or away from the camera requires it to make the fastest changes in focus. I don't know why you assumed this kind of testing would be done using a tripod, and no IS.

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