Do the x10 complainers actually own the camera?

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Re: Sigma SD14>>SD15 is like X10>>X11

Actually the Sigma SD14 DID get fixed. The fix is called the SD15, and if you check the Sigma forum you will be able to see that the SD15 is regarded as the fix for the SD14.

I don't remember Sigma handing SD15s out to SD14 owners who had receipts showing a non firesale price anymore than the ORBless X11 will be given free to X10 owners . if every SD14 owner sent the camera back for any number of the design issues they'd have pulled it and fixed it - and they were 100% repeatable, especially the locking up, corrupt files etc which were far more critical faults across all samples than the whacky white balance, metering, useless AF and green cast which varied between cameras .

Meanwhile on the Sigma forum we still see quite a few photos taken by SD14s, since the camera works well when carefully handled.

Yep, you have to take one shot let it digest it properly before taking another to avoid the corrupt files or lockups, don't review any on the LCD and play fo ages with SPP's colour wheel to get the green removed, simply not accetpable for 90% of the population to put up with (even the Kodak 14N was more reliable than that) - the SD9 (2002 and virtually a prototype) and SD10 didn't have any of the SD14s issues despite the age of the SD9 - all you needed to worry about was the battery system (I ran an SD9 for 7 years) R-CRV3s sorted it in its day, Eneloops would now .

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