Does this photo do anything for you?

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Re: Not really.

Thanks Bob for the comments and your insight, I appreciate the help.

Bob Tullis wrote:

anthonyhnj wrote:

I have been playing around, trying to change the way I PP my photos. I was wondering if this works?

It obviously doesn't, because you're not saying, "Here's my vision, take it or leave it."

I mean, it doesn't work for you, and you sound a little lost for ways to execute a hazy concept in mind. If it did "work" for you, it's fortunate if others get it, but that's not your problem if they don't.

Otherwise same advice as the others - try a telephoto lens for a different perpsectve, get closer, or both. I wanted to add I almost always add a vignette to an image. The type of vignette will vary according to atmosphere it imparts, what else is competing for attention at the edge of the frame, etc. Just as you can greatly change the mood of an image with an adjustment of mid tones, vignettes can also bring such a contribution rather subtly. The thing to watch for is the vignette itself becoming a distraction.

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