Has anyone abandoned the X10 for the G1X?

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Finally some samples…

Finally something to see from GaryJP – 5 of Mr Canon’s best ….

You’d have to be very disappointed if that’s the best you have to offer GaryJP, especially if you are used to premium gear with your own studio no less.

Let’s start over all, with the coke bottle on the Canon it has to use heaps more ISO than the x10 – you know that. Every iso100 shot with the x10 needs iso800 with your company’s G1x .

So every iso100 shot in your samples would be up against an iso25 result on the X10 (and the enormous clarity and definition that brings) if that were possible – that mate is a huge difference, though again you’d know that.

Given that your examples are pitiful, easily matched or bettered by the x10 with the EXR turned off. To match an iso400 image on the x10 you would have to shoot at iso1600 in the same light, at iso800 you would have to set the G1x to 3200.

So any G1x iso3200 image you show could be taken with iso800 on the x10 with EXR turned off – add the exr capability and the difference increases dramatically in favour of the little x10. Again you know this, you are a premium camera user with his own studio.

The poor dynamic range in your examples would not touch an x10, your use of contrast to compensate clearly demonstrates you know this as well.

You’re a joke with these images GaryJP, you’re a Canon man out of his depth.

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