high speed shots with flash

Started Feb 27, 2012 | Discussions thread
JimStrutz Contributing Member • Posts: 614
Try a Canon CP-E4 battery pack

Last I looked the CP-E4 was still under $150 USD. Might be more now, but it drastically speeds up the 550/580EX(II) by using it's high voltage battery port. It uses 8 AA batteries and NiMH seem to work best. My 580EX II takes up to 4 seconds to recycle after a full power pop. With the CP-E4 attached it is never more than 1.5 seconds and most of the time there is no delay at all. Unfortunately it will not work with the 430EX(II).

BTW, by using high speed sync on the flash you force it to use more power than normal and greatly increase it's recycle time. Exactly what you do not want to happen. You might get enough of a speed increase by simply turning it off. If not, the CP-E4 is a significant increase. A Quantum Turbo is about .5 seconds faster, but at far greater cost and weight.

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