How many images have you shoot with your camera?

Started Feb 27, 2012 | Discussions thread
noneyabidnis Regular Member • Posts: 199
wow - global warming

Do you really need to take so many photos? Haven't you ever heard of global warming and the ice caps melting? Do you know that every time you take a photo it uses power - power that has to be generated somewhere and causes pollution. Then, you have to upload all those photos to your PC, which uses power, and then the processor has to use power to process them, and then the disk drive uses power to save them.

And then think of all the power that's use to make your computer and monitor and hard drive and processor and USB cable and CF cards. It really adds up. Have you ever calculated your carbon foot print? If not, then I recommend you do so and then maybe you'll be a little more careful about taking so many pictures next time.
I am the M&M of taking pictures.

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