Girls Gone Vinyl

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Wonderful - some CC

The first picture is wonderful. So is the second one, though I'm not sure if the heavy set gentleman lying down is just taking a nap or is perhaps having a heart attack. And why was he in that room with that young lady with the door closed? Hmmm? Was there a little hanky panky going on in there?

Anyway - I highly recommend employing what I like to call "selective color" in your photos. Make everything black and white except for one color. So, for example, if the girl was holding a rose, you could leave red as the color and then everything else would be black or white. You can do this in Adobe Photoshop 7.0 but it's complicated so I use my friend's Apple iPad.

Also, you could try using the mini technique on the first photo. That would look wicked sweet. The mini technique is where you make everything bluring except a pretty thin line that goes across the whole photo. I recommend using layer masks so that it works better. There are a lot of tutorials about it online so if you're interested, you can search for them or I can send you some good info from online websites.

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