12-24mm as DX Walk Around Lens

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Re: 12-24mm as DX Walk Around Lens

I'm an enthusiast of the Nikkor 16-85mm. There is too much weight and bulk in a 12-24mm (or any 10-24mm) if you're carrying the Nikkor 16-85mm, but there is no small, light wide-angle lens for the Nikon (a hole in the DX line, IMO). I usually leave my 12-24mm in the hotel room unless I'm shooting something I'm certain really needs a very wide lens.

An alternative (I haven't tried this yet) is to take the 12-24mm, 35mm and 50mm primes, and a 70-300mm, and to leave the 16-85mm at home. Alternatively, make it a 12-24mm or 10-24mm, 35mm, and 55-300mm. I think this is the lightest way to get from 12mm to 300mm. Use a 10-24mm and you'll stretch it even further.

The problem here is that the 16-85mm, corrected by Photoshop or similar software, is a superb lens, covers 75-80% of what I shoot, and gives a similar quality to photos throughout its range. Thus, I do little lens changing when it's on my D300. Replacing my 12-24mm with the Sigma 8-16mm is likely a better idea.

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