Fuji X-S1 extremely disapointing

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Re: Fuji X-S1 extremely disapointing

PerH wrote:

I have been photographing for many years and had many cameras Bridge and DSLR. None of these cameras have produced such poor results that X-S1 with the default setting.


New Fuji models are not good with default settings. You can try two things: use it as a 6 Mp camera, in P mode, M size (this makes it 6 Mp, but still using the EXR technology of the sensor, even outside EXR mode on the dial) DR=400%, and auto ISO up to whatever you can tolerate. This way you can get much less blown highlights. Auto DR setting does not work well on CMOS EXR Fuji's, camera often selects lower values then needed and still blows highlights, especially on smaller bright areas in the image. For that reason, DR should be forced to 400%. The other option is to use it as 12 Mp camera (L size), in P mode, but again with DR forced to 400%. The penalty is that ISO will never be less than 400 (unlike in M size, where it can be 100 and still protect highlights), but it is necessary to avoid highlight problems, along with -1/3 or -2/3 EV set most of the time. With some experimentation maybe you can get satisfactory enough results.

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