Has anyone abandoned the X10 for the G1X?

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Re: Do you realize...

that noise and ISO do not have linear relationship?

For a particular sensor design/amplifier combination, you may see noise rising exponentially once you past certain high ISO value.

For small sensor, it is somewhere around ISO 800.

For APS-C sensor, it is somewhere b/w ISO 1600-3200.

So it is not surprising that G1x @ ISO 3200 is cleaner than X10.

The fact that X10 has a lower shadow noise @ ISO 400 is telling you that the sensor/amp combination of G1x is inherently noisier, but the linear range is larger than that of X10.

So it pays to shoot your camera carefully within its best ISO range. I'd certainly not take an indoor mall pic with my X10 using ISO 3200. It would have been suffice with ISO 400.

Just because you have a large sensor in a P&S doesn't mean you have to use ISO 3200. Your pic would be even cleaner if you use ISO 400.

If you don't have sufficient light and also need more DOF due to the larger sensor, then it is too bad. G1x has no advantage compared to X10 when a larger aperture on X10 would have the equal amount of DOF.

GaryJP wrote:

As anyone who checks my EXIFS will see for themselves.

Try again.

The high ISO shots are there to test high ISO. Nothing else.

And you still didn't answer my question about how YOU managed to get worse performance at 640 than my camera delivers at 3200.

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