Will used $300-400 DSLR kit (6MP) outperform newer compact?

Started Feb 5, 2012 | Discussions thread
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ishu OP Regular Member • Posts: 106
Update: I didn't buy anything

My wife has taken to shooting with her iPhone 4S, effectively ceding the SX10 to me.

Besides, as many folks here point out, there's plenty to learn about composition and exposure with the SX10 and my LZ8... or any camera.

But really, the LZ8 is a terrific camera (for what it is), with full manual controls, exposure compensation (2EV), and exposure bracketing. I use all of these on the LZ8 more than I do on my D90. It does help me to learn.

Without the manual modes, I couldn't have gotten this shot this summer. I shoulda changed my angle to move the horizon, etc., etc., but I'm pretty happy with the exposure--"meter for the sky" couldn't have happened without the controls.

Thanks, everyone for your feedback.

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