Canon 600d +15-85mm vs 60D + 17-85mm. Which should I buy?

Started Feb 17, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Depends on your strength and inclination...

chiane wrote:

Isn't the 60D with the 15-85mm a real load as a walk around kit? It's seems to be a two hander to me. Both the body and the lens seem like they'd wear you out after a bit. Thoughts?

It all depends on what you're comfortable handling. I routinely carry around a 7D with a 17-55 as a walk around kit, and have no issues with the weight or bulk. That's a fair amount heavier (about .5 lb.) than a 60D/15-85 kit. And, I'm not a large or particularly strong guy. Lugging around a DSLR with a decent lens does take some getting used to, and it depends on your own ability and inclination to carry a fairly bulky kit around. Pairing the 15-85 with a T3i, for example, would only save you about 5 oz. in weight over a 60D. Noticeable, but not a huge difference. You'd need to go with a very light (and lower quality) kit lens to save much more weight.

The weight issue is what kept me away from SLRs for a long time, but ultimately after getting back to one with a 10D many years back, I find you really do get used to it. Smaller cameras almost feel toy-like now.

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