is the pentax k-5 successor coming anytime soon?

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is the pentax k-5 successor coming anytime soon?

Sorry if this has been done over already in the forum, but I'm new to Pentax (actually I still don't even own anything Pentax, but...)

I currently have a mirrorless system camera, but I've been thinking about investing in a DSLR instead. I won't be buying that many lenses except at least one telephoto, a couple pancakes/primes, and then the kit lens, so the Pentax system is more than complete for me.

I'm intrigued by the K-5- it's like the Canon 7D but cheaper, smaller and the small loss of performance I can deal with.

However, I do want better video implementation, and that's the real thing that's holding me back from buying the K-5.

So I was wondering, is there supposed to be a successor to the K-5 anytime soon (within the end of this summer)? Assuming that Pentax realizes the emphasis on video in DSLRs occurring this year, which I think they will considering the K-01's video specs already looked improved.

I'm looking to buy a new camera within the end of summer at the latest, hopefully within this unfortunately if Pentax isn't releasing a new model by then, I'll probably stick with my mirrorless system for now as new models for that are supposed to be available before the summer's start.


Also, can anyone tell me what the hoopla about the limited lenses are about? I was excited about looking into them, since I thought they were smaller primes....but when I was browsing on, I noticed that a lot of them don't even have that great an aperture advantage over a typical zoom lens, and to me the aperture gain is more important than the size. And most of them are pretty expensive compared to Canon or Nikon's prime equivalents. am I missing something?

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