Do the x10 complainers actually own the camera?

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Re: Wrong...

DS21 wrote:

DC Alford wrote:

It was a lighting test or did you miss that part Kim?

OP has promised to post some actual purpose driven attempts with the X10...coming up.


No, it was a challenge to show the world how great photographer he is, he dared us to show if we can do better (then even his lighting test, which he probably did with 10% of his skill, and he is still far better then us). We should be thankful to read the words of such a master, and happy to feast our eyes on such skillful compositions, when he decides to teach us a little bit, and show us how the real pros do it.

Yes - we all need to bow down to the master in our midst. His turpulence permeates the forum, and we are better people just from reading his divine writings.

We would be in mortal danger if we were to actually be in his sublime and superhuman presence.

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