Has anyone abandoned the X10 for the G1X?

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Re: Not a bad stab...

Barry wrote:

I think Canon should be praised for doing it a decent sized sensor in a camera like this.

I do too, & I really had my heart set on buying one.

On the other hand whist the high ISO looks good (from what I have seen) I'm not sure the lens is up to it..and the price hmmm that's quite pricey really

Especially considering the price. Mediocre lens & poorly refined jpegs, no macro etc.

It might take a few goes to nail this one down £700 is too much for a camera of this type though.

I imagine next generation will see something more refined & in line with Nikon's "1" system offerings. I really believe Canon was caught off guard with the "1" system cameras.

You might pay £350 ish for a G/P series something with the small sensor (but still a step up from the tiny ones in most compacts) I can't see the justification in double the price though.

Simply relying on brand recognition to justify the premium price.

I'd pass myself even if someone gave me the cash it's too much I could spend it better elsewhere!

As it is I definitely agree, & I imagine alot of other folks are saying the same thing.


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