Has anyone abandoned the X10 for the G1X?

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"For the price"

So funny. I can't say how many times people on this forum have said of the X10: "Stop reviewing the price. If people can afford it they can afford it."

What I can tell you is that the camera is flying off the shelves in places it's already on sale, the user satisfaction of those who have actually bought it is among the highest I have seen in a compact, and that some have even paid up to 25-30% OVER list price to get it in their hands sooner.

Where I am the price is somewhat cheaper. $750. It's worth it. Personally, even without the orbs, for a RAW shooter I consider my X10 an unreliable toy. With the emphasis on "unreliable". 6mp in this day and age is a farce for some of us. I's okay for a play snap shooter who prefers JPEG though I guess.

Anyhow you have information from both sides. What you do with it is your affair.

Fujifilm fan central seems a strange place to ask about a camera they view as the devil incarnate though if you TRULY want an assessment. Every review of the X10 I have seen, even with reservations, belies "Albert's" eyes.

People want to duck the X10 orbs issue here, and the red over-saturation, the noise at high ISOs (which I consider crap), the dodgy on-off switch in the lens, and - in my direct experience - Fuji's famous "Focus Error" message flaw. Design decisions and manufacturers' flaws are two different things.

If the design decisions don't suit you, of course you shouldn't go for it, but use your OWN eyes. You might also try DPReview's comparison tests, where even on its "soft edges" the G1X lens destroys the X10 on the batteries in the bottom left of the picture.

I, on the other hand, will be leaving my X10, GX1, and GF2 on the shelf more and more. EXCEPT when I am going out ONLY to shoot macros. It's annoying, because I spent a lot more money on bodies and lenses for my m43 system than I did for the G1X. In fact, I think just TWO of those lenses cost more than my G1 X, and m43 doesn't work better for me.

I found and find my X10 a lot of fun to use. It's just when I look at the pictures later I am tempted to weep.

Photofreak7 wrote:

100% agreed - for the price the G1X should be the best thng since sliced bread ... AF, IQ, etc..,

jimr wrote:

The fact that the X10 has the orbs has nothing to do with the Canon.

Skip that excuse as it is an irrelevant diversion from the Canon's average p&s AF in a $800 camera...You should expect better from Canon than average for that price...

IQ is very important but does not substitute for other expected performance issues at that lofty p&s price...

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