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Michel and Paulo

Unfortunately Fujifilm and other major corps do not announce product deficiencies unless forced to do so by government agencies, the threat of major lawsuits, or a combination of these and other factors. Even Ford in the 1960's did not recall the Pinto when there was incontrovertible evidence that a rear end collision could cause the gas tank to explode and thus kill the occupants! The "reality check" is that corporations will act in the own self interest and if that means a choice between a "relative" few disgruntled customers but sales in the tens of thousands of a product....they will choose the more "profitable" course. I don't think this is a mystery to anyone.

In the case of the Fuji x100 it may just be a logistics issue. Just a hypothesis.....if Fuji recalled all the x100's and replaced the "sticky blades" their repair facilities may be so overwhelmed with the volume of repairs they may not be able to get the cam back to you for months. If I were in the decision board room I may vote to replace the defective parts on an as-needed basis rather than a major recall. But, again, that is only one scenario but a plausible one nonetheless.

Paulo has been a member of this forum long before the x100 was even announced. At that time the forum consisted of individuals who were truly a community and who were supportive no matter what the issue....and there could be some heated issues. I would assert that his comment to you was a plea that not only you but others who are "newer" to this forum return to a more positive and respectful tone with responses. But with the exponential growth of x100 users and soon-to-be X-Pro1 users that may be a lot to ask.


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