Do the x10 complainers actually own the camera?

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Kim Letkeman
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useless thread, not a great image ...

nakeddork wrote:

I'm just curious. It seems like 90% of the people that complain about the camera don't own it.
OMG, the people that fall into this category are freaks...

There are lots of noobs that rushed into the forum with their new toy and have demonstrated time and again that an excellent camera does little for a mediocre photographer. So ownership to me has always been a joke as a criteria for credibility.

Actually, are you guys even photographers?

Are you?

Let's play the who owns an x10 and is a photographer game. I'll go first and post a fun lighting test I did a while back:

Nice model. Nice light. Awful composition (someone else mentioned the drain, but it's just busy.) And terrible bokeh with motion blur. I've seen this phenomenon with the X10 before, and it is yet one more Achilles heel on an otherwise fine camera.

So ... you have set a really low bar in a thread that should not exist, since it is basically a platform for you to spout veiled ad hominem comments.

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