Do the x10 complainers actually own the camera?

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Silent Oracle
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Re: Do the x10 complainers actually own the camera?

edu T wrote:

Silent Oracle wrote:

Wellington100 wrote:

On second thoughts its not so great, I would have composed that shot without the drain in the bottom left hand corner and is that an orb in the models one eye?

That drew my attention too, Wellington. That and the fact that half the top of her head was chopped off.

I wonder if the crooked horizon is a novice error so common that you both didn't find it even worth mentioning?

Edu, actually I did notice that - along with the sewer vent on the ground to the left. I guess it's a sewer vent; nonetheless, it seems applicable to the situation. Maybe it's a UFO as the guy appears to be from another planet. Perhaps Planet Dork.

Obviously, he hasn't yet discovered the cloning tool. As to the crooked horizon, I would strongly suggest that he do a bottoms-up on a tall glass of V8 before his next shoot.

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