Do the x10 complainers actually own the camera?

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Luego wrote:

nakeddork wrote:

I'm just curious. It seems like 90% of the people that complain about the camera don't own it.

OMG, the people that fall into this category are freaks...

Actually, are you guys even photographers?

Let's play the who owns an x10 and is a photographer game. I'll go first and post a fun lighting test I did a while back:

Hi nakeddork,

You did great work with your exterior shooting and amazing lighting.
The results look stunning!

However, may be you could answer this question:

How were you able to shoot (according to your Exif data) with higher shutter speeds than the cam was designed for, according to the OP Manual and also my hands on experience?

Here are the shutter speed limits:

Shutter speeds 1/4000s to 30s (at f/8 and f/11)
1/2500s to 30s (at f/5.6 and smaller)
1/2000s to 30s (at f/4 and smaller)
1/1250s to 30s (at f/2.8 and smaller)
1/1000s to 30s (all apertures)

As you can see your shutter speed should have been limited to 1/1250s with f/2.8 in your shot above.

I'm looking forward to your response.

Happy images


Those caps only ties into the A and S modes.

In manual mode the aperture and shutter speed are independent of each other, as long as your dynamic range setting is at 100%.

I normally wouldn't use these settings, though. I'd actually elect to stay around the 1/2000 range, because that's what my wireless trigger reliably sync too. Although, I can still get a 1/4000 sync, it's just clips the flash pulse, and compensating for it is a little funny...but still consistent.

Although, the x10 isn't going to give much bokeh after f/4 so a high sync will still be crucial for keeping the dof shallow. Although, I shot this at like 3 in the afternoon, in varying conditions (cloudy to full sun) as well, which I normally wouldn't do...because that's crazy for this type of shooting.

Although, the x10 can handle it. Lighting wise, there are not a lot of other cameras that come close to competing with the x10. The only other camera I can think of are the x100 and medium format cameras.

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