Casual Shooter - Make sense to $ell D700?

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Re: Not sure I understand, agree on computers, not cameras

I get your thinking on the use and trade in value, hence the cheap monthly cost.

But, I dont get your comparison to computers, even though the cameras have in computers.

Yes, the computers are basically worthless after six months, due to technology and software development.

But, the cameras still makes the same images surely?

IF the issue is that the cameras cannot bring the same color and detail to cope with new technology in software, I could see it.

But what with the images some here post from D40's D200's and D80's, I dont see it.

So, my opinion is that if you are taking advantage of the used market and using that to make your upgrades and ensuring low monthly costs, fine.

But, it does not mean that the cameras per se dont last 10-15 years.

Just my opinion, mind you, you surely have tons more knowledge about this tahn I, I have not been in it long.


.....Just from an amateur......'Sometimes it's to your advantage for people to think you're crazy.”

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