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Re: Another FX camera at USD 3,000?

(The following is from the perspective of a still photographer.)

I think that Thom may have forgotten one of his own key points here: sensor cost on an FX is far higher than on a DX. Ultimately the margin on a DX D400 will be higher and they'll sell a whole lot more of 'em.

However, in practice, this may all be little more than what number is stamped on the front of the best DX camera. A few more features or not in the best DX camera won't be a big deal for me. However, buying and carrying (in my own case) four FX lenses including a longer tele are more than I want to get involved with. I would look at Canon because of their physically smaller teles--especially 400mm--if this happened. I will have to cut down on the range of focal lengths and/or stop taking such difficult hikes (I'm 65) and spend much more money on glass. For me, this isn't worth it. Nikon cannot argue convincingly that CX is a big enough sensor but DX is not at the same time.

I find the DX format a "sweet spot" between the CX (not enough resolution for a print in the size I usually make--13X19) and the FX. FX looks a bit better enlarged this much, but at the usual print viewing distance DX does the job for me. My house (and my customers') are only so big and enlarging to larger prints doesn't really help. If I really need to get a more blurry background, there is always Photoshop.

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