Portrait Smudging as a business

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Re: Portrait Smudging as a business

Hi Albert

Scott is undoubtedly the master and must spend hours on each image; no doubt reflected in pricing.

He also offers training and although his DVD's are quite expensive, having seen his on-line tutorials, they will be worth every penny.

There are others also offering training such as Brad Buttry, but his work is a lot more loose than Scott's.

As an example, I followed one of Brad's tutorials and used his original image to learn from and posted my results and his...the link is here...if you are interested...


I would add however that many do not like smudging as a style. I am trying to retain a photo like appearance with enough painting to look like a painting but also retain the detail etc.

That however depends on the original and the brushes you can use.

If you are interested some of my smudge painting is here...


If I can help with anything please let me know.

Best wishes


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