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common mispreception of Tilt/Swivel LCD

Don't know if you have ever used a Tilt/Swivel LCD camera before like the Nikon 9xx/4500 series, or, most importantly, ever seen a broken camera due to the Tilt/Swivel LCD.

Most Tilt/Swivel design allow user to use it without Tilt/Swivel, letting the LCD sits inside its frame. But when you need the Tilt/Swivel, there is no substitution. In my personal experience, shooting through a window of a helicopter; low or high camera positions, etc.

The design I had aiming at birding or observation situations, when people can put the long telephoto lens on tripod, and just plug the small camera in the back. The observer can sit in a very comfortable position. I think that is a strongest selling point of the 1 series, making the 300mm lens 800mm equivalent. As for regular shooting, the 1 series doesn't have much advantage over the Sony NEX and other larger sensor competitors, or even regular point and shoot cameras.

JasonOdell wrote:

I'd prefer the current design as tilt LCDs are a point of failure.

But, I can see the appeal for some.


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