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Zack Arias
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Hey Howdy Hey! --- Orbs and other things... (pt 1)


Someone sent me this way so I thought I'd pop in. It has been a long time since I've logged in. Hope you all are well.

As for the orb problem...

What are orbs? Are they slightly out of focus and over exposed point light sources like that sample photo? Yes? Then every camera is capable of that. I'm not sure what the big issue is here in regards to that specific photo. There's nothing in that night shot that causes concern for me other than tiny little points of light flare. Now, if catch lights in a subject's eyes looked like that, all the time, I think there would be cause for concern. I'd want to know if they had a UV filter on the camera because those things cause all sorts of problems in shots like that. Was there a smudge on the lens? That can exasperate the issue as well. Does it just do that normally? Again, I'm not concerned with anything in that photo.


Full disclosure - I have been hired by Fuji to shoot some new work with the camera and give my opinion. I am fully prepared to get a check and say "I love your camera!!" and I'm prepared to get a check and say "I hate your camera". This is the first time I've ever been in this type of situation and I made certain that no matter what, I get to say anything I want to about it. Good, bad, or indifferent. I got on their radar because of my review of the x100. In that review I stated all that I loved and hated about that camera. "This is awesome!" with a good mix of "This completely sucks". Also, a guy I know dropped my name in their ear as a potential tester.

My life goes on just fine with the camera or without it.

That said... initial reaction to this camera is awesome. After I said OMG 26 times I simply said "Wow." At first I loved the 18mm but I'm working with the 35mm some more and my gut reaction will be that it is the hot lens to get for the system. Jury is still out on the 60 because I haven't really run it through the paces yet. I want to use one for a few days, then another, then the last. I started with the 18 and I'm moving through them slowly.

It will be a few weeks until I finally blog about my overall impressions with the camera and the lenses. The M mount is not out yet and I don't own any M mount glass so I don't know anything about that. I have zero inside information about shipping dates, street prices, accessories, etc, etc. I have not sat in a board room and been given a look behind any kind of curtain. Hell, I didn't even have to sign an NDA. The camera is already out in the world. It's not like an iPhone prototype or anything. I say this to say... please don't think I'm privy to any information that wasn't already on 100 web sites before I got the camera a few days ago.

Note a few things about me if you're not familiar with how I approach photography and gear...

1) I don't really get into comparing this camera against another. I have no intentions of shooting side by side shots from a 5dMkII and the X-Pro1. I'm not that much into pixel peeping at 100% unless we're talking medium format.

2) I'm really not concerned about testing the Fuji against a Sony. Or is the new Olympus faster than the Pentax. Etc, etc. There are tons of sites that do that already and I'm not a gear reviewer. I'm a photographer first. If I talk about gear that is secondary to me. Arguments about CA tests of a Sony vs. Fuji lens are the last thing in the world that I will ever concern myself with. I honestly don't care about this "chart" proving this "thing" about that "whatchamacallit". How does the camera feel? What can I create with it? How does it look in print? Is this flaw something that is one click away from being gone in LR, PS, or similar?


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