Camera lightmeter calibration

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Panasonic GF1

Iliah Borg wrote:

(2) Is the spot-metering calibration affected (at least to some extent) by GH2 STANDARD Film Mode settings (CONTRAST, SHARPNESS, and SATURATION) ?

Should not be affected, but you can check, it is interesting and important to know.

At least for the GF1 film modes affect raw headroom. For example using aperture priority iso100/spot/tripod I get the following:

  • Smooth 1/60

  • Vibrant 1/40

  • B/W smooth 1/30

  • All others 1/50

This is what I measured for Panasonic GF1 Smooth and Standard film modes. The daylight is from slight overcast sky and the artificial light from a common energy shaving IKEA lamp. Mr. Borg I sent you an email with a link to download raw files and csv text file.

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