Has anyone abandoned the X10 for the G1X?

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Re: The AF Disappointment Has Been Found In A Number Of Sites (Canon G X1)

Not many have compared the AF to X10. I have. There's little to choose.

And you don't see dozens of disappointed users of the G1X like you do the X10.

I would not have needed to buy the G1X if my X10 worked properly. If Fuji thinks they can hold onto consumers with this nonsense, they can think again.

jimr wrote:

and has been 'excused' by others repeatedly. It's a p&s. What more can you expect. You don't understand the engineering. The lens elements are larger so moving them is the inherent problem. Not enough room inside of the small lens...

All wonderful excuses about why Canon has produced what dpreview calls a 'average p&s AF performance. Average p&s performance says many other p&s cameras have better AF performance and clearly cost alot less No excuse for average p&s AF performance on one of the most expensive p&s cameras out there. If you cannot engineer better AF performance don't charge for it. $800 for a very good sensor but little else over the G12 is a rip off.

O.K. So the price will come down. Let's say $700 when a G12 costs $400. Where is the $300 in increased cos/value over the G12?

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