Has anyone abandoned the X10 for the G1X?

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Re: Albert

Albert wrote:

The G1x is supposed to have much better high ISO performance due to the sensor size, but I don't find it to be any better than the X10, especially when X10 is shot using EXR mode.

Your iso comparison shot is very surprising! If this result is repeatable then that is unacceptable from a camera with a sensor the size of the G1X.

I also found the skin tone much better on the X10. G1x's skin tone is on the 'flat' side and they tune the algorithm to pull out a lighter complexion on the skin tone. Not realistic and not what the subject looks like at the time of the shot.

This is much easier to judge because it's there for all to see.

Not only color in regards to skin tone but overall color depth & accuracy as well, also G1X DR is surprisingly bad from this size sensor from what I've seen.

Poor macro performance is also a deal breaker for me.

Me too. For an $800 all in one camera that I have to buy add on lenses, adapters & carry a tripod to even shoot simple semi macro pics is unacceptable. For $800 they should at least include the lens adapter & a 250D in with the bundle.

I think for pocketable cam, Fuji took the right approach. Use a smaller sensor, but optimize the lens with a larger aperture.

Yep I agree.

The X10 is the better camera? Also agreed. Once you add in EXR DR & Fuji color, the G1X falls "flat" in comparison literally.

Although it has not been an issue for me the only caveat to consider is the potential X10 orb-sensor bloom issue. My advice to prospective X10 buyers, that hopefully will prevent future histrionics, is to do your homework & if after that you are unsure of how this issue might affect your style of shooting don't buy an X10 without a return window.


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