Has anyone abandoned the X10 for the G1X?

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Re: For $300 More Shouldn't The Canon Have More Than Better IQ Going

Photofreak7 wrote:

I agree the price is wacky - more than a used/refurb T3i. But the camera is still a decent effort on Canon's part. A shame corporate greed pushes the price up.

There is no 'corporate greed pushing the price up'. Any new product is introduced at the highest price the mfr thinks it can be sold for. After the initial flurry of sales, as things slow down, the price is cut to get the sales going again. Another flurry of sales, another slowdown, and another price cut, repeating until the camera settles into a steady selling price. In this way a mfr sells their products for the highest average price overall that the customers are willing to pay, which helps them recoup their investment in R&D etc. faster. It's not greed, it's economics. If someone thinks a camera is too expensive they can wait for the price to come down, or buy something different.

Several months back there was someone posting on the Canon forum that Canon ought to be able to sell a DSLR full frame camera for six or seven hundred dollars. It made sense to him at least.

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