Finally a poll for the D800 36MP, or D800 16MP!

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Re: Unfortunately, the poll and votes are useless.

Do you simply call every person a fool when you're incapable of replying coherently to their argument?

Personally I think it's quite disrespectful if not shameful to make someone type out a lengthy reply to you, only to weasel out of responding to any point of many by pretending some form of righteous indignation.

As I said earlier, it is worth abiding by the "Never argue with a fool" motto. Given that I have wasted time arguing with you, it is debatable who is the bigger fool. Anyway, I will not respond any further to your rambling childish nonsense, as I think you are a fool, and I have already said all I need to say on this matter. The above post from you really is irrelevant rambling tedious drivel, and clearly does not merit comment.

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