Has anyone abandoned the X10 for the G1X?

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Re: X10 is the better camera

I agree on the macro and weight differences but pretty much all else you've stated I can't substantiate based on what I've seen. The G1X has more fine detail than the X10 - just compare them at Dpr or IR's comparometer.

a l b e r t wrote:
I played with G1x over the weekend. X10 is the far better camera.

I was shooting G1x at ISO 640 and it has got more shadow noise than X10 @ ISO 400.

The lens is not sharp enough to resolve all 14MP. X10's lens is able to resolve more detail and is more contrasty.

The larger sensor does not bode well at 112mm. At the tele end, it is 2-stop slower than X10's lens. So instead of shooting ISO 400, now you have to shoot at ISO 1600. And G1x at ISO 1600 is definitely more noisy than X10 at ISO 400.

Marco is poor, you can't shoot very close. You'll need another camera for marco.

X10 is lighter and more refine in everyway in actual use. The only problem is orbs in specular highlights and nite shots. Can work around it somewhat, and if it wasn't of the orbs problem, it'd have been the perfect P&S.

Photofreak7 wrote:

Looking at both it appears the G1X advantages are:

  • much higher resolution vari-angle LCD

  • larger sensor

  • better IQ and at -full- resolution - especially at high ISO

  • built-in ND filter

  • presumably better video

  • motorized zoom mechanism (may be an advantage to some)

  • no more orbs - could be a disadvantage for some

disadvantages compared to X10:

  • slower lens

  • non-manual focus ring

  • slower focus (?)

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