Wider aperture lenses for compact cameras?

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sherwoodpete wrote:

Barrie Davis wrote:

Leonard Migliore wrote:

You're probably aware of this but anytime you're doing 5:1 macro, it's pretty esoteric. Everything has to be extremely rigid unless you're using flash and you don't have any working distance or depth of field to speak of. But I like the idea too; I'd love to stick a Micro Nikkor on a Nikon 1.

It is a matter of finding suitable subjects that reveal themselves as interesting in the macro ranges in question. I have noticed that there seem to more of them (subjects) to choose from when we are looking for stuff that will fit within a chunk of space about 1" high...

... that is to say, on FF35mm, where same-size-as-subject (1:1 repro) earned its reputation as "defining" the macro range.....

.... I am saying, it wasn't merely about the ubiquity of 35mm that made 1:1 happen, it was something about the subjects as well.

I suspect that rather like a fractal, there is something of interest at every scale, right down to electron microscope images.

Yes, all close-up scales have subjects of interest.

I'm just suggesting there are more of them, or more that are accessable (that could be it) around the 1" inch size... a sort of bell curve, that peaks in the 1" zone, say.

I must emphasise, I don't have any proof of this, it is just a feeling I have got over the years.

Perhaps the key to macro work is that people can recognise the subject: "Hey, there's something I've seen thousands of times - but never saw it properly until now".

Ahh... well there you are getting somewhat into the area of defining macro by its showing, by virtue of enlargement, more detail than in the subject real life...

.... which, you may remember, is my particular idea of what constitutes a macro photograph.


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