Wider aperture lenses for compact cameras?

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Re: Agreed

Barrie Davis wrote:

Leonard Migliore wrote:

You're probably aware of this but anytime you're doing 5:1 macro, it's pretty esoteric. Everything has to be extremely rigid unless you're using flash and you don't have any working distance or depth of field to speak of. But I like the idea too; I'd love to stick a Micro Nikkor on a Nikon 1.

It is a matter of finding suitable subjects that reveal themselves as interesting in the macro ranges in question. I have noticed that there seem to more of them (subjects) to choose from when we are looking for stuff that will fit within a chunk of space about 1" high...

... that is to say, on FF35mm, where same-size-as-subject (1:1 repro) earned its reputation as "defining" the macro range.....

.... I am saying, it wasn't merely about the ubiquity of 35mm that made 1:1 happen, it was something about the subjects as well.

I suspect that rather like a fractal, there is something of interest at every scale, right down to electron microscope images.

Perhaps the key to macro work is that people can recognise the subject: "Hey, there's something I've seen thousands of times - but never saw it properly until now".


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