400 2.8 IS II so light but so fragile

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Re: How tight do others turn the lens hood nob?

Canon did a very quick turn around – the "old" lens hood posted to Canon, Elstree on Wed replacement arrived with me Friday - excellent from CPS. I had a match to photograph on Saturday hence the need to get the replacement quickly.

Replacement is a noticeably tighter fit but as far as I can tell hasn't been strengthened in any area although I don't have the two side by side to compare.

I think the replacement process was overly complicated in part because I couldn't call in to a Canon service centre & had to post the item.

On returning the lens hood I called to check progress on Thursday and was asked to photograph the serial number of my 400mm lens and e-mail it to them. By this time they already had the “old” lens hood and my details plus the lens details, so I’m not sure where they thought I got the returned lens hood from or why I needed to go through this process.

I had to get in touch with their staff to get a UPS tracking number – it would have been pretty simple to e-mail this to me when it was collected so I was kept informed.

I was also disappointed that they were unable to send the replacement out to me in the appropriate packaging with a return postage label first. I would then have sent the “old” lens hood back. In the event they turned things round quickly but I had to search around for an appropriate box in which to send the "old" lens hood down to them and pack it appropriately.

It just seems to me that if you have purchased an absolutely top priced premium product then the service you receive when there is a problem should be commensurate with that - the return service was certainly that but as a customer, I should also be kept informed throughout the process instead of having to phone Canon all the time.

Having said all that I’m very pleased the problem is resolved – the lens is fantastic and gives me great results - fine detail resolution is outstanding and is definitely an improvement on the Mark 1 version.

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