Surface imperfection in the glass, Hoya HMC UV filter

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Re: Surface imperfection in the glass, Hoya HMC UV filter

Sonecha wrote:

I just bought three of these filters. Upon examining them I noticed that all three units suffered from these small imperfections (which are better explained in this thread - ).

Is this something normal, and will it affect the image quality at all? I can't help feeling disappointment seeing this on brand new filters, but at same time I feel a little silly considering the price I gave for them.

IMHO, you spend a lot of money on your lens and then purchase a filter of dubious quality to 'Protect' your lens, which places another element in front of your high quality precision engineered optic, then worry about what impact it may have on your images. Why would you want to do this to yourself??

I have been taking photo's for over 45 years in which time, I've dropped my camera's a few times and to date have never broken a lens. I have however broken the screw in filter on the front of my lens, which had more potential to damage the lens than you think because of the billion shards of glass rattling around on the multi-coating of the lens, dust size fragments getting down into all the nooks and cranny's and possibly getting through to the focussing and zoom mechanism's and was I glad to have a very good vacuum to hand.

Yes of course I have filters in my kit. I use my polarising filter the most. I also have a UV/skylight that I screw onto the lens when I'm heading to a beach to capture water sports, waves, sunsets etc. For such reasons it makes sense to protect from the elements, particularly salt water, and apart for a set of ND grads, I let the lens do what it's designed to do.

So regarding your filter purchase, take them back and get a refund because they're faulty, instead by yourself a decent bulb 'Rocket' blower to keep most of the dust off the lens and also pick a decent lens cleaning pen (cleaner on one end and soft brush on the other) for when you do get some grime on the lens.

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