Capture NX2 glitch

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Re: Capture NX2 glitch

Seems like a bug. They will fix this in nx3, probably if this software is finally comming.

Some hoped there would be new software to accompany the d4 and d800. Nothing yet.

JG777 wrote:

Answered this on the Nikon talk forum here as well and if anyone else sees this issue the solution is very simple.

It makes sense to do sharpening last and this particular issue has nothing to do with viewing at 100%, what the OP is seeing is the whole image momentarily appearing very nicely sharp in line with applied settings then after a second or so the image updates and the whole sharpness look seems to decrease or fall off slightly.

The solution is to click "New step" which restores the initial sharp settings and look without the fall off as the software obviously thinks there is some more workflow edits to come. At this point save the file and create your jpeg.

I have no idea why this happens or why this solution works this way, it just does!

Have a great weekend guys.

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