80-200afs vs 70-200 vrll

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Don't agree, sorry

Are you sure you are not talking the VR I?
The VR II and AFS, size wise, are really close.

If it is a VR II, check whether you have a dud: I owned 2 excellent copies at the same time for a few months, and, on D700:

  • same sharpness at f2.8 in the central part of the frame.

  • same sharpness at a distance (this is critical)

  • probably VR II has better flare resistance (but the AFS has better hood).

  • Excellent bokeh on both. In really critical situations, the VR II pulls ahead: if the background is really cluttered and near the AFS can go "swirly".

  • autofocus faster on VR II. Not by a lot, but after a while, you notice it.

  • the AFS does not shrink focal when shot near. VR II does this a lot.

  • AFS vignettes quite a bit more (I didn't care at all).

To be true: they are both so good I didn't know which to choose. Testing them in real life shooting I loved them both. When tried blind testing, I couldn't pick one from the other. And I'm talking F2.8-4.

Sold the AFS, then sold the VR II. Purchased the 200F2. Now, that lens is seriously different. But the AFS and VR II are both astounding, but astounding lenses.


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