Getting a good grip on the G3

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Re: Getting a good grip on the G3

I won't say I never hit any buttons by accident but this is the way I work:

1 I nearly always shoot at eye level through the EVF with the LCD turned inwards. I get a firm grip with my three lower fingers round the front of the body and my thumb on the top right hand corner of the turned in LCD.

2 I have Direct Focus set on, so the arrow buttons are solely for moving the focus area around. If hit accidentally there's no real problem because first hit only invokes the facility to move the focus area - this is easily cancelled with a quick half press of the shutter button.

3 I access settings like ISO, WB etc via the Quick Menu through the EVF (I find this is quicker for me because I don't have to remember which butoon does what!)

4 I have AF lock assigned to the Disp/Fn1 button (which is well recessed so doesn't get set accidentally.

5 I have had to set the Movie button OFF because I did keep hitting that accidentally when I go for the Review button (this means I have had to set up a Custom setting to invoke movie mode).

When the G3 first came out there were three common complaints:

1 No automated LVF/LCD switching
2 Fewer direct buttons than the G1/2
3 The recessed Disp/Fn1 button was hard to set

None of those 'shortcomings' adversely affects the way I use it.

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